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Our mission is simple, we take good care of large and small-scale change that makes life seamless for NHS staff and the communities they serve.


Our ambition is to build a firm foundation which will endure beyond the current pandemic. The operation will continue to focus on building connections between NHS Trusts and their local communities whilst providing on-site services to NHS staff which are exclusive, convenient and affordable.

  • Farm Shops: Enabling NHS workers to reserve and collect food boxes for themselves and loved ones on site at their hospitals, stocking local produce alongside favourite brands.

  • Access: A bespoke technology platform lets NHS workers and families access great benefits, whether it is sending a care package to isolated patients or accessing NHS staff discounts

  • People Power: A dedicated team of change and tech experts that provide Trusts with world class consultancy alongside a band of volunteers ready to mobilise at a moment’s notice.

  • Partnerships: We collaborate with charities, brands, hospitals and Trusts, business partners and suppliers enabling them to donate, support and engage with NHS staff effectively.


Friday, 20th March 2020 at 5:00am will forever stick in my mind as the moment I wanted to make a difference.

Jason Mawer
Help NHS Heroes - Founder



I had woken early on Friday, 20th March 2020 unable to sleep with the thoughts of the Coronavirus news from the day before going through my mind. Even then I don’t think we fully understood the impact the devastation of the illness would have globally, never mind on our doorsteps.

The turning point was this emotional appeal by Critical Care Nurse, Dawn Bilborough.

She had just come off a long and exhausting shift in her hospital and was unable to buy fresh food to nourish her. Enough was enough.

The idea that came to me was to create pop up food distribution dedicated to NHS Staff on the premises of hospitals.

  • They deserve direct access to necessary goods without the worry of visiting a mainstream supermarket to find the shelves empty.

  • Any further exposure to public places was additional contamination risk we should help them avoid.

The staff of our NHS are at the frontline of this very modern war against the pandemic of Covid-19. Their combat necessities include ventilators, medicine, hospital beds, mops and buckets but nonetheless they are protecting and fighting for lives they may not be able to save. The least I felt I could try to help with was to make sure after a shattering day they had some access to food. It’s that simple.

Team-work has always been my thing and to put together an initiative like this takes a group of people focussed on the job in hand with egos aside.

Each day I am overwhelmingly humbled by the outpouring of support that has come forward to make my idea a reality. This continues to build each day so we can make a difference to Help NHS Heroes.


We bring together a team of world class change and tech experts who understand the challenges faced at all levels of the NHS.

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